Life is an incredible journey… a voyage filled with excitement, wonder, and discovery.  But this voyage can also include challenges:  surprise squalls, navigational mistakes, and unexpected sandbars or reefs.  For the journey to be successful and truly enjoyable, these obstacles must be identified and navigated.


The challenges in our life journey come in a variety of sizes and degrees ranging from a personal or professional disappointment to the devastating loss of a loved one; a formidable family issue or a need for redirection or motivation.  They can also take the form of a mental or emotional block or a desire for personal or spiritual growth.  Life coaching provides a comfortable and confidential opportunity to examine an issue, set goals for change, and develop strategies for attaining those goals.  It’s all about assessing the present and charting a course to the future.


If you are experiencing a life challenge that has you struggling to navigate your course, please consider the services of The Main Channel.  We can provide the framework and support to help you tap into your own wisdom, creativity, and resources.


The answers are within each of us...  sometimes, we just need help reading the compass.


Stephen D. Saunders

M.Ed. | Life Coach


Cecilia B. Thomas

M.Ed., M.Ht. | Life Coach


6130-B Mechanicsville Turnpike, Mechanicsville, Virginia  23111

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